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While most of my work can be found on my resume, below are just a few examples of what I bring to the table for copy, design, and project management.

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App Brand

Responsible for owning all brand-forward in-app content. Continuously creating copy that informs, educates, and directs users - but also has a fun voice. Worked with designers and developers to ensure everything in-app was on-brand, including but not limited to new features, promotions, shop offers and more.

Watch Design

Created the design for how the app PK Coin displays on the Apple Watch. My goal was to be mindful of the watch's limiting rounded edges and small screen space while still delivering necessary information that can be read mid-workout with ease.

watches ui.png


Created copy and design for all email campaigns. Worked with developers to connect the API with the ESP to make it functional and automatic.


Responsible for copy and design across all websites for PK Fitness and PK Coin, either creating it myself or managing the project when outsourcing. This example is of a website that I've both designed and created copy for.


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Press Release


30 second ad


Pitch Deck


Intro to PK Coin
-vertical video-

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Creative Brief


Blog Sample

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1 minute ad
-outdoor activities-

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